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With our gas prices going through the roof, and “dealer exchanges” becoming a preferred method with which to offset the costs of all-time low truck and SUV sales. This is because while there were some places around the country that reached over five dollars a gallon, there were others that barely ever broke four dollars per gallon. This being the case, sales of “gas-guzzlers” were not so bad, or at least as bad, in some areas of the country versus others.

Auto Dealer Exchange

This gave car dealerships an idea. If they could exchange their vehicles they couldn?t sell in their area of America for cars they could with dealers who were located in cheap gas states maybe they could minimize losses, and perhaps even, turn a profit. So, car dealers all around the nation are turning to dealer exchanges to fulfill their customer?s needs and maintain their sales figures. Interestingly, however, many dealers have found that this is a sensible, lucrative way to make some money, with all types of vehicles. It seems that this may be silver lining in the clouds automobile dealerships have been desperately seeking.

But what exactly constitutes a “dealer exchange?” A dealer exchange is basically when one car dealer agrees to sell one of their machines to anther car dealer in return for one of the other dealer?s cars. Dealers have been doing this for years. Particularly when a dealership is going under and they have to sell off large chunks of their inventory very cheaply, other dealerships are usually ready with the cash to acquire the assets. This is indeed an easy way to augment a dealership?s inventory without hurting its wallet. For, even if a dealership does not sell the cars they obtain this way, they often trade them with other dealerships to get the vehicles they are interested in. Then, the dealer sells these cars for regular market prices, even though they got it way below such figures, and maximize their profits. This may seem like a wayward process, especially to those dealers who are unfamiliar with such dealer exchange practices, but it has proven itself economical for many an auto seller.

National Auto Dealers Exchange

Once one gets into dealer exchange circles, that is, into the already existing networks of dealerships who exchange with each other relatively often, the process gets easier and easier each time. Once in, you can let other dealers you have exchanged with before know that you are on the market for a certain type of car and that you are willing to trade a series of cars. Give it a little bit of time, and the dealers with be coming to you for exchanges, making the whole thing less time-consuming and more effortless. Let the business come to you!

If you are an auto dealer that exchanges vehicles, call Patriot and setup a B2B auto transporter relationship and save every exchange you participate in!