Buying/Selling Online

Buying or Selling Online?

Save when you ship your car with Patriot Auto Carriers

When you’re looking to buy or sell an automobile online you have many different options. However, when it comes to transporting an automobile, there is only one option. Patriot Auto Carriers, we want to be there for you. We’ll take the hassle out of the transporting portion of your buying or selling experience. We’ve worked with thousands of different buyers and sellers to help them in their time of need. We enjoy the feeling when the job gets done right. Contact Patriot Auto Carriers for a hassle free shipping experience.

We give you $50!

We also have an added bonus when you’re buying or selling online. It’s our 50 dollar bonus! When you use Patriot Auto Carriers to transport an automobile that you’re buying or selling, we give you $50!We’re the first and only auto transporting company to offer this type of bonus just for using our online site! Now is the time to start. Call or click today and your check is on the way. When you’re buying an automobile, just let the seller know you have already made shipping arrangements. When you’reselling your vehicle let the buyer know your car will only be shipped by Patriot Auto Carriers. We will contact the right people to make sure you automobile arrives without a hitch. It’s that easy! This bonus is for individuals only. If you’re a dealer and need some information about the services we offer please click our contact us page.

Working with auto dealers

So you’re a dealer and you have some questions. Patriot Auto Carriers has worked with dealers all over the U.S. and now Canada. We’ve heard all the stories about your last auto transporter who was costly, always late, never had answers, only excuses. We also know how important it is to receive your vehicles on time because in most cases you have a customer waiting. Whatever situation you’re in we’ve been there before and we want to help. So call or click and let our transport specialists help your dealership save time and money. Usually our specialist will get your company information. They will then want some information from your partners (other dealers). We do this to check the route, transport conditions and a few other things to give you prices where we can deliver. We’re not your average auto transport company.