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United States of America (Press Release) June 4, 2009 — A lot of what determines the success of a business is its ability to thrive in down periods. Due to the current economy a lot of people and businesses are suffering and few have felt the pinch more than the auto industry. Patriot Auto Carriers is searching for the silver lining in this cloud of bankruptcy and dealer closing by trying to keep their services current. And due to the nature of the auto industry’s struggles they’ve been able to.


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Much of the difficulty that faces auto dealerships stems from the over abundance of dealerships. For a long time, the business model for automakers was to have a lot of auto dealers in order to increase market share. Due to dwindling sales, this business model has radically changed as of late. More auto dealerships are closing their doors than opening them and in 2009 a thousand dealerships are slated to close. And while these closings are painful they are also proving to be necessary in order for automakers to regain their financial footing. These closings will leave many communities hard hit and a lot of people out of work but at the same time they have provided others with an opportunity to expand.

One reason the auto dealerships are suffering so mightily is due to the large amount of competition presented by other dealerships in a given area. To combat this, some dealerships have begun to buy out and consolidate the stock of other struggling dealerships. This makes the existing dealership groups more profitable and more responsive to customers. Patriot Auto Carriers has spent years supporting these dealerships and now they’re trying to increase their association with the dealers that are still left standing.

Patriot Auto Carriers has been working with surviving auto dealerships to transport the vehicles acquired in these buyouts and they’ve proved themselves to be a valuable resource. Patriot Auto Carriers provides some of the best dealer exchange rates in the industry. They also offer free advertising with any dealers that transport with them because they’re eager to help the industry become successful and profitable again.


Dealer Trade Solutions

If you are an auto dealer that exchanges vehicles, we offer dealer trade solutions for ensuring your carriers treat your shipping as a business-to-business transaction. Call Patriot and setup a B2B auto transporter relationship and save on every exchange you participate in!

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