Expedited Auto Transport Service & Hot shot auto carrier

Expedited auto transport service AKA ?Hotshot service? by Patriot Auto Carriers.

Hotshot is a transport term used for rush service. Basically it?s a transport rig which typically holds 2-4 vehicles instead of 6-10. The advantage is simple; less vehicles means less to pickup and deliver. Years back this service was mainly used by dealers who needed their vehicles fast and the same applies today the only difference is Patriot Auto Carriers found it works great for the average transport customer. We at Patriot Auto Carriers also think it’s the safest way to transport because less weight and vehicles are never stacked. If damage occurs during transport its usually done buy a constricting piece of iron like a lift or railing. With our Hotshot trailers we can get your vehicle transported faster, without damage, for a better price.

This service will continue to thrive in the auto dealer transport world but we’re thinking ahead and we know once the average transport customer will feel more comfortable using this service and that’s why were going to push it. Book your next transport with Patriot Auto Carriers and ask to use our hotshot service. We hope the information you receive from our website is informative and educating. Thanks in advance from Patriot Auto Carriers.

8-10 vehicle trailer

3-4 vehicle trailer