Shipping a Non-Running Vehicle

Shipping a Non-Running Vehicle (INOP)

Shipping a car that runs is simple business – the car drives on, the car drives off… you can explain that! With online car shipping quote forms and money transfers, you don’t even need to be there for any part of the process. But what if the car isn’t in running shape? What if it’s broken or INOP? Is it still possible to ship a car when it can’t perform as a car?

INOP:┬áNot able to be operated or because we’re in the auto shipping business it means the car doesn’t drive.

First, the condition of the car matters. For a typical auto shipping company to handle a vehicle, it has to have, on minimum, four wheels that can turn. A carcass on blocks can only be moved with specialized equipment such as a crane – and, unless it’s a vintage Ferrari, one would have some difficulty seeing the point.

A rolling and steerable vehicle is easier. All that’s required to load it is a truck equipped with a cable winch, which can be powered or manual. It helps if the brakes work, as well – anything that will minimize the potential for damage.

This is what it takes for a flatbed truck; there are also enclosed trailers that can transport inert vehicles, as well. Such a truck will need a lift gate that can fit an entire car horizontally, and hoist it up to the truck bed, after which it can be rolled into the trailer.

Given the special arrangements required, it’s not a surprise that it costs somewhat more to move a non-running car than one that can move under its own power. The typical surcharge for a moving job would be around 100-200 dollars. If you’re looking to save money, you should look into getting the car running again; if that isn’t possible, remember to check the “not running” option when requesting your auto shipping quote.